Median Household Income Is $112k – Plus Lots of Other Cool Stats From LA Times’ Map Project

After months of study, debate and drawing, the Los Angeles Times is unveiling its interactive map of Los Angeles today. As Times Database Editor Doug Smith explains, drawing boundaries for L.A.’s many neighborhoods turned out to be a hot-button issues on par with leaf-blower noise, carpool lanes and electronic billboards:

There are nearly 30,000 city blocks in Los Angeles, and over the last several weeks, my colleague and I have examined them all. We’ve considered each one’s size and population density, its racial and ethnic makeup, its proximity to landmarks, its topography and history. Then we listened to what readers told us about the deeply rooted perceptions that make them see a block as belonging in one community instead of another. All this was in service of a project that The Times began months ago to map the city of Los Angeles and make it possible for us to give people neighborhood-by-neighborhood news and information. In February, we posted a first draft of the map on, inviting users to send us comments. We received more than 1,500. Today, we’re posting an updated map, revised in nearly 100 ways.

According to the project, Brentwood has a population of 31,000 people, is 15 square miles, 84% white, median household income is $112,000 and the median age is 39.

Click to go back to BrentwoodLA.Com

Here’s a link to the Brentwood neighborhood in the project:


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